Dail Republican Court sessionDail/Republican Court session, Westport Town Hall, Summer 1920.

Conor Maguire presiding with Eamon Moane and John O’Boyle assisting. J.C Garvey and John Gibbons were the solicitors and two IRA ‘policemen’ standing guard in the centre.

Alfie LepplaBy Marcus Marco.

This is a picture of the Wife’s Grandad holding the standard of the 3rd Bn. Alfie Leppla from Kimmage. Any additional info of the photo would be brilliant.


 John McDonnell, 'A' Company, 4th BattPLEASE HELP: A man came into the gaol there two weeks or so ago and contacted Liz Gillis, and he was looking for information on his father, John McDonnell, who was a member of ‘A’ Company, 4th Batt. He died in 1938, and there seems to be no paper trail on him, he did not get a pension or anything. He gave Liz this photograph, which is attached, which is actually a postcard. His father is the one on the left, and if you read the postcard (next post) you can see it is sent from Limerick 1922. He is trying to find anything at all about his dad.

Erskine Childers in state

Erskine Childers lying in state