By Eamon Murphy:

Courtown Harbour remembers Sean Etchingham, local nationalist and IRB member. He was one of the Irish Volunteer leaders in Enniscorthy in 1916. (*year unknown but presumed to be late forties or early fifties).

Sean Etchingham Commemoration

He accompanied Seamus Doyle to Dublin to personally receive the surrender order from Pearse, as they didn’t believe it and were unwilling to give up the fight.

“There are a hundred stories about Etchingham’s ready wit and about the mischievous pranks he played on friend and foe alike, but few realised his gay light heartness concealed a spirit strong as steel. His health never was good, but no one ever heard him complain. In Dartmoor Jail he nearly died of starvation because he could not eat the coarse food supplied but, again, he did not complain. Instead he composed funny songs about the two ounces of margarine he was allowed and about other items on the ‘menu’. In years and appearance he was considerably older than the rest of us but he was far more youthful in spirit than any of us”