By Terry Fagan

Sean Fitzpatrick Irish Volunteer

Sean Fitzpatrick in his 1916 Volunteer Uniform, which is now on display in the Roddy McCorley’s Club, Glen Road, Andersons town.

It was in Sean Fitzpatrick’s house at 36 Gloucester Street (Now Sean McDermott Street) on November 20th 1920 that Dick McKee and Peadar Clancy was captured by the Black and Tans after Shankar’s Ryan, the brother of Becky Cooper a Madam from the Red-Light district known as Monto tipped off the Tans. McKee and Clancy, where two of Michael Collins’s top IRA men.

Ryan was executed by members of Collins’s squad for his betrayal. They shot him in a pub on the corner of Gloucester Place and Railway Street.

McKee, Clancy and a young Volunteer named Conor Clune were murdered in the guardroom of Dublin Castle after Michael Collins’s men executed fourteen British agents in Dublin on November 21st 1920.

Sean Fitzpatrick was an intelligence officer in the IRA during the War of Independence. I spent many hours interviewing Sean Fitzpatrick’s son who was in the house the night of the raid he was aged ten at the time. He told me what he witness that night in 1920.

He offered me his father’s uniform and other memorabilia, at that time I had nowhere to keep it. So it found its way to Belfast with the help of Dessie Kennedy from Belfast and into the Roddy McCorley’s Club in Andersons town.