Sean MacDiarmada. The Mind of the Revolution
By Gerard MacAtasney

Sean MacDiarmadaThis book is recommended by the I.V.C.O.

Extract From the Leitrim Observer by By Neil Halligan.

“Dr McKiernan praised MacAtasney for the use of the new material unearthed, such as the personal accounts of the men involved in the Rising and the evidence pertaining to the court-martial of the 1916 Leaders, which only became available to researchers in 1998.“The result of all this painstaking research is a very full account of the life and times of Sen MacDiarmada.”

“One of things I like particularly in the book is the type of control that he has with the narrative and the avoidance of unnecessary and distracting material.

“I am confident that this biography will put an end to a lot of the false mythology and erroneous information that has passed as history in the last 80 years.

“It’s a very readable book and I don’t think that there is anyone who will not be carried along by the sweep of his narrative and will not find it a most fascinating read,” said Dr McKiernan.

From the Irish Democrat

Sean Mac Diarmada: the mind of the revolution by Gerard Mac Atasney (Drumlin). It is remarkable that the first biography of this key figure of the Rising was only published in 2004. Underneath Mac Diarmada’s good looks and charm lay a clear-headed and utterly determined revolutionary. This is a fine biography of an extraordinary man.