Take Over Beggars Bush. Extract from “Sleep Soldier Sleep” by Diarmuid O Connor miseab publications.
Chief of Staff Dick Mulcahy: “I present it, because in keeping with the flag before you. I know you will keep up the spirit of burning patriotism in which it was handed to you from the fires of Easter week and the spirit in which we have guarded the flag over the last 3 or 4 vigorous years. Whatever political clouds hang over us , we will interfere with the brotherhood that continues to hold you together”

Commandant Padraig O Connor: “He stood in front of us without platform or rostrum. His remarkable eyes glowing in a pale face. A man to admire not to love. We heard him but we did not understand the message, so we failed the country in her hour of need, We saluted him and he went away, our life in the new army had begun. ”

Flag pole was cut down by departing Black and Tans. would not surrender the barracks to a bunch of cut throats.
in photo. Richard Mulcahy. Eoin O duffy. Paddy Daly. Padraig O’Connor Joe Leonard. Jim Byrne.

Take Over Beggars Bush.