Now that 2016 has passed and we are moving on further into 2017 the Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation ( I.V.C.O) would like to thank everyone for their support over the past years.

2016 was a very important year for everyone for obvious reasons but we have over the years preceding  completed  numerous exhibitions and lectures throughout Ireland. For us,2013 was very significant as it marked 100 years of the foundation of the Irish Volunteers.

Each and every exhibition was as important as any we did in 2016 as we sometimes found small numbers in attendance but the visitors were all genuine in their appreciation of our history.

2016 brought many many more visitors and newcomers on to the scene and they were very welcome also and we hope they will continue on with it.We have always welcomed  those new people to the programme  of preserving,defending and keeping the record straight of  our history.

We were constantly on the go with exhibitions in the 32 counties of Ireland in 2016,every one of them was enjoyable  from the many small ones to the  larger ones in Belfast,Cork,Limerick,etc not forgetting  the  one we participated in at the Ambassador theatre Dublin which ran for 33 weeks.

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In February the IVCO committee will meet to make plans for the coming years,we will be holding exhibitions in 2017 as we do every year,also at the moment we have contributed important artifacts to the Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn museum in Lisburn,this will be running from next week on.

Please do not forget that we also have a permanent exhibit at the Roddy McCorley Society Museum in Belfast.

Also,please visit our facebook page at

If you need any information or assistance  or would like us to hold an  exhibition in your area please contact us here.

IVCO  27/01/2017

Irish Volunteers Organisation