Below is a letter we received from Tina Cameron,would any members or readers be of help here?

My GG uncle was an Irish Volunteer, Patrick Emmet Sweeney, and I’m very proud to be related by blood to who I think was a hero.  He served at Jacob’s Factory at the Easter Rising under MacDonagh, fought in the civil war and later served under de Valera.  


In 2016, my  husband and I went to Ireland to be a part of the centennial celebration.  Ireland has become like a second home to us and this last trip was our third to the Emerald Isle.  When we were there in 2016, we visited Glasnevin Cemetary where Patrick is buried and were horrified to find that he did not have a grave marker of any kind.  We double checked with the staff, who were extremely helpful, and they confirm that there is no marker at his grave.  I was told that it was not that uncommon as many families were too poor to provide one.  My point is that while I’m in the process of gathering funding from my family to pay for one for Patrick, I wondered how many other of these heroes did not have a proper dignified headstone. 


I am interested in finding out where all the volunteers are buried and either partner with an organization such as yours, Glasnevin, and/or whoever else is interested in this endeavor and raise funds to mark every grave of every Volunteer who served his country to become free from English subjugation.  Has your organization, or do you know of one, that has attempted this?  If one already exists I would be happy to volunteer my time for the endeavor.  Otherwise, I will be looking to form a charity that will raise funds for this task.  Please let me know your thoughts about this.  I would appreciate any feedback that you have on this idea.


I’ve attached a booklet that Patrick’s nephew wrote about him, that details what we know of his life in the service of his country.  I understand he also wrote for an Irish newspaper to incite the Irish to fight for a free Ireland but I have been unable to locate any of his articles.  I wonder if you might be able to direct me to old archives that might contain these?  Thank you so very much for your time and attention.


PE Sweeney


Kind regards

Tina Cameron