Information required
Hello Garry,

Thank you for your speedy reply. My father Daniel Christopher Desmond was born at 8 Bunkers Hill on 9th December 1902 and later lived at 40 Upper John Street, Cork City. I do not know what brigade he served in or what area he was active in. He is most likely to have served in Cork City Central Area because never mentioned any other areas in which he was actively involved.

The only paper work to him that I am aware of was the accompanying note that came with his two medals. My sister is at present trying to locate these medals and accompanying note. Please let me have your address so that I can send you a picture of him in his younger days. In the past I recall writing on his behalf to an address in Park Gate Street in Dublin to inquire if he was entitled to an IRA pension. He was duly advised that because he already had a Cork Corporation pension that he was not entitled to another. This correspondence took place possibly in the early 1960’s

Very best regards
Tom Desmond.