I wonder if you could help me to get any further information that might be available with regard to the activities of my Uncle, Bill Shanahan who was a volunteer in Dublin in 1920/21.  I just recently found out that he was in the IRA and was arrested in May 1921 in Montague Street when on rebel activity with two other colleagues.  Found in possession of a fully loaded Smith & Wesson revolver together with two rounds of ammunition he was sentenced to eight years penal service in Mountjoy with three years suspended.  He went on hunger strike in November ’21 and was force fed until his release by the Free State government in January 1922.


William died in London in 1941 apparently as a result of being force fed whilst in jail but his death certificate does not provide confirmation of this.


I am attaching a few documents which might be of help in determining where I might get further information.


I expect that you get many requests in this regard but would appreciate very much any assistance you might be able to give me.




Con Shanahan


P.S. Another volunteer with the same name (William Shanahan) from Co Clare was murdered by the Black and Tans but this person was not related to my family.