The Sentences imposed in the 5 cases mentioned above totalled 3 years, 1 month.
Monday, September 22nd 1919. Raids:- Some ten branches of the Cumann na mBan, (Irish Women’s League), were raided by fully armed Police in Co. Tipperary. In Co. Roscommon similar raids took place on several branches of the same league. Armed police raided the residence of Mr. Peadar O’ Hourihane, Irish Language Organiser, at Kinsale, Co. Cork, carrying away all letters and documents written in the Irish Language. Large forces of Military and Police raided three of the principal printing works in Dublin, Messrs P. Mahon; Cahill & Co. and the Wood Printing Press, dislocating the machinery. A similar raid took place upon the printing works of the “Dundalk Examiner”, Co. Louth. At Roscrea and Clogheen, police raided five newspaper shops and confiscated part of the stock. At Dundalk, twelve newsagent’s shops were raided and papers carried off. At Midleton, Co. Cork, armed police raided a newsagent’s shop and took away all copies of Republican papers. Sentences:- Mr. Frank Mooney, Tullamore, King’s Co., was sentenced by a Crimes Court in that town to one month’s imprisonment for “illegal drilling”.
Tipperary was suppressed by military and police. The farmers bringing supplies to the town were met by large bodies of troops accompanied by tanks and were turned back. At Thurles where the need for provisions is very great a similar action was taken by the English military, the farmers being driven back at the point of the bayonet. Some of the farmers were seized by the military and searched. Courtmartial:- Christopher Quigley, 8 Lower Gloucester Street, Dublin was tried by Courtmartial at Dublin on a charge of being in possession of arms and ammunition.
Tuesday, September 23rd. 1919 Raids:- Police and military fully armed raided the offices of the “Midland Tribune”, Birr, King’s County. Police and military raided the Sinn Fein Club at Caheragh, Co. Cork. In the same county the armed forces also raided the houses of Mr. E. Goggin, Killeenleigh and Mr. H. McCartney, Clonclugger. At Midleton, Co. Cork, military raided and commandeered the Town Hall and the local Sinn Fein Club. Arrests:- Mr. William Tannam, Rathfanham, Co. Dublin, was arrested on a charge of escaping from Mountjoy gaol, where he was serving a term for a political offence. Sentence:- William Tannam was subsequently tried and was ordered to be imprisoned for three months to await trial at the Winter Assizes. Proclamations and Suppressions:- The “Leader” another Dublin paper which published the Irish Self-Determination Loan Prospectus was suppressed as was also the “Midland Tribune”, Birr, King’s Co. for a like “offence”. Pig Fair at Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. Trade has practically ceased in that town, which is completely in the hands of the military. An armoured car attended by strong forces of military and police raided a handball alley at Laffanbridge, Co. Tipperary, and suppressed a handball contest between teams representing Kilkenny and Tipperary. The market at Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, was suppressed as was also an Irish Language Festival at Midleton, Co. Cork. A Cinema show at Roscrea was also suppressed. An Irish Language Festival at Togher, Co. Cork was proclaimed but was held secretly close by. At Newmarket, Co. Cork, a large force of military and police accompanied by armoured cars and Red Cross wagons suppressed a sports meeting. Militarism:- The “Manchester Guardian” of this date says “There is really no limit short of extermination of the Irish race to the policy of repression on which Lord French has
embarked”. The same paper having described the present conditions in Ireland came to this conclusion:- “RUSSIA UNDER THE CZAR IN NOT TOO STRAINED A PARALLEL.” The Most Rev. Dr. McRory, Bishop of Down and Connor writes:- “A furious attempt in the best Prussian style is being made under the guise of maintaining law and order to terrorise our people and crush the National spirit… the fine talk about freedom and the right of self-determination of small nations is drowned for us in the tramp of the Army of Occupation”. The police all over the country are being armed with hand – grenades. Wednesday, September 24th 1919. Raids:- Some dozen houses were raided by armed police at Drumquin, Omagh, Co. Tyrone was forced by armed police and searched. The printing works of the “Limerick Leader”, Limerick, was raided by armed police and military and the machinery dismantled. Two other printing works in that city – those of the “Limerick Echo” and the “Munster News” – were also raided and essential parts of the machinery confiscated. Armed police forced their way into the premises at Rearcross, Co. Tipperary where an Irish class was in progress and ordered the class to disperse. The class refused and the police left threatening further proceedings. Sentences:- Andrew Healy, 173 Inchicore Road, Dublin, was sentenced by English Courtmartial to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour for being in possession of a Revolver. Jer. Mullane, Blarney Street, Cork, was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour at an English Courtmartial for carrying a Revolver. John Kenny, Loughlane, Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary was sentenced by English Courtmartial to 9 months imprisonment with hard labour for being in possession of “seditious literature”. Suppressions:- The English military have suppressed the entire Republican Press of Limerick City consisting in the “Munster News”, “The Limerick Echo” and “The Limerick Leader”. The suppression is the result of the publication by these papers of the prospectus of the Self-Determination Loan floated by the elected Government of Ireland. Armed military and police accompanied by tanks and armoured cars surrounded at night the town of Emly and prevented farmers from entering the town where a weekly fair was to have been held. Manufactured Outrages:- A Sergeant and three Constables of the English controlled Constabulary in Ireland report that when returning to their barracks at Kilmihil, Co. Clare, they were ambushed by a large party of men and fired upon from both sides of the road. Not one of the four Constables was even scratched. Military are already being rushed to the source of the manufactured outrage. Militarism:- The London “Daily Herald” of this date, commenting on the militarist regime in Ireland says:- “Ireland is already in despair. She is being driven to desperation”. The “Manchester Guardian” of this date says:- “The symptoms of the disorder of the Irish Government and its complete estrangement from the governed are pretty clear all over the land”. Thursday, September 25th. 1919 Arrests:- Edward Foley, Galbally; Michael Shanahan, Glenlara, Michael Murphy, Knocklong and Patrick Maher, Knocklong, Co. Tipperary were arrested early yesterday morning by large forces of British military and Police and conveyed to Limerick gaol in motor lorries. At Limerick they were charged before a Resident Magistrate with being concerned in the murder of
Sergeant Peter Wallace and Constable Michael Enright on May 13th,1919, when a prisoner being conveyed to Cork gaol was rescued. Denis and Patrick Neill, Cuoragh; John and Jerh. Sullivan, Crowhane; and Michael Sheehan, Inches, Co. Kerry, were arrested and charged at a special Court in Castletownbere with “unlawful assembly” at Crowhane on August 26th 1919.
They were remanded on bail to the next Petty Sessions. Suppressions:- The weekly market at Borrisokane, Co. Tipperary was prevented by British Military and Police. Templemore market was similarly suppressed. Yesterday morning British military and police entered the offices of Messrs J. Quinnell & Sons, Tralee and suppressed the “Kerry News”; “Kerry Weekly Reporter” and “Killarney Echo”. Portions of the machinery which the papers were printed were taken away. Suppressions are ascribed to the publication of the prospectus of the National Loan. Shortly before 7 p.m. yesterday evening British military and police entered the offices of the “Dundalk Examiner” and suppressed the paper. The reason given was “the publication of seditious matter”, the seditious matter being apparently the prospectus of the Dail Eireann Loan. The total number of Press suppressions since May 1918 is now 42. Raids:- The residence of Eamonn Donnelly, Chief Sinn Fein Registration Agent in Ulster, Tullyard House, Armagh, has been raided several times in the past month. Registers, Lists of Claimants, for votes in the various divisions in Ulster, and many other documents were taken. A raid was made on the apartments of Professor O’Maille, Louisville House, Galway, by armed raiders and some private documents and papers removed. Proclamation:- An Aeridheacht at Castletownroche was proclaimed on Sunday last. The town was occupied by military with an armoured car and an aeroplane hovered over the district apparently engaged in scouting. Friday, September 26th. 1919 Courtmartials:- Patrick O’Keeffe, member of the Irish Parliament for North Cork, was tried by English Courtmartial at Ship St. Barracks, Dublin, yesterday, charged with “doing an act calculated to cause sedition” – by a speech in Charleville on May 11th 1919. The police witness admitted that he only took mental notes of the “seditious” speech. The decision of the Court will be announced later. Peter Ennis, Caretaker of Liberty Hall, Dublin, was charged at an English Courtmartial in Ship Street Barracks, with having in his possession a service rifle, an automatic pistol and some cartridges. These were found in a room in Liberty Hall by military and police during a raid on August 22nd 1919, when Ennis was arrested. He has been in custody since. The court found him not guilty and he was discharged. Arrests:- In connection with a raid for arms by a party of masked men on the residence of Col. J. Kirkwood, Woodbrook, Carrick-on-Shannon the following have been arrested by the police:- Thomas Gilchrist, Michael Burns, Joseph Burns, Vincent Garry and Michael McGowan, Carrick-on-Shannon.
Garry was subsequently released. Raids:- The houses of the arrested men mentioned above were raided by police and searched. A revolver and flash-light were commandeered at Burns’ residence and a large quantity of cartridges. was found. Two guns and a revolver were found at McGowan’s. The houses of about six people in Boyle, Co. Roscommon were raided by police and rigorously searched.
Armed police raided the residence of Mr. W. J. Aherne, Midleton, Co. Cork, and searched Aherne and his brother. The house was minutely searched but nothing was found. The business premises of Mr., Castle Street, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, was raided by police. A number of photographs were seized.
Saturday, September 27th. 1919. Raids:- Following the raid on Col. Kirkwood’s house, Carrickon-Shannon, British military and police scoured a wide area of Leitrim yesterday, searching a great number of houses. The house of Thomas McGowan, Toomna, Carrick-on Shannon, was raided yesterday by the Crown Forces. A gun and some sticks of gelignite were found and commandeered. The premises of Mrs. McCarthy, Draper, Carrick-on-Shannon, were raided and searched. The house of James Healy, Publican, was also searched but nothing incriminating was found. Armed police entered Lisheen schoolhouse, Co. Cork while a meeting of Tugadown Sinn Fein Club was being held. Those present were charged with “unlawful assembly” and their names demanded. The
premises were thoroughly searched and some documents found.
Later the police raided houses in Aughadown district. British military and police made many raids in Crowreagh, Savilmore and Savilbeg district, Co. Down. Literature and photographs were seized. British military and police raided all the farm houses in Tipperary district and commandeered all shot guns, including those for which permits had been obtained. Arrests:- Thomas McGowan was arrested yesterday after the raid on his house. Suppressions:- It is impossible to number the suppressions in Co. Tipperary. Even where permits had been sought in accordance with the Proclamation permission to hold fairs and markets has been refused. Sports of all kinds have been banned.
Theatres work under temporary permits. Permits are refused for auctions. Clonmel markets are prohibited. Business is held up all over the county as a result of these measures. Templemore butter and egg market was completely held up by the military yesterday. A circus performance in Tipperary town on Thursday night was prohibited.

Date:-Sept. & October 29th 30th Oct.1st. 2nd 3rd 4th Total. Raids:Arrests:53 3 1 1 7 1 4 2 14 2 1 3 1 5 1 1 1 2 3 200 1 1 2 70 15 4 16 203 1 Daily Totals:- 56 15 21 8 205 4 309
Monday, September 29th. 1919ı Raids:- Police and Military raided upwards of fifty houses in the neighbourhood of Berrings, Co. Cork. The house at Dysart, Co. Roscommon of Mr. Denis J. Kelly, Vice-Chairman of the Roscommon County Council was forcibly entered by police during his absence and searched. In the same district the houses of Messrs. John J. Geoghegan and Patrick Murray were similarly raided and searched. Proclamations and Suppression:- Markets were suppressed in many parts of Co. Tipperary including the fairs arranged to be held at Carrick-on-Suir, Nenagh, Clonmel, all of which towns were occupied by large bodies of troops who prohibited the farmers from bringing supplies to the townspeople. The sufferings of the poor throughout the entire county are now very great as hardly any food or fuel is allowed to reach them. Treatment of Prisoners:- Miss Catherine McCormack of Carron, Co. Clare, was released from Mountjoy jail, Dublin, in broken health. Twenty-six political prisoners from Cork jail
where they had been in solitary confinement for nine months, were removed to Mountjoy Jail, Dublin, some of them in a state of collapse. Tuesday, September 30th, 1919. Raids:- Military and police raided and took possession of the Ball-alley at Laffanbridge, Co. Tipperary, where handball contests were about to be held. Arrests: – Denis and Daniel Looney and John Scanlon, all of Donoughmore, Co. Cork; Owen McCarthy Firmount; Timothy Connell, Kilmartin and Daniel Moynihan, Ballycunningham, all in Cork County were arrested on a charge of endeavouring to obtain arms. Michael Aherne, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, was arrested on an unknown political charge and brought to Cork jail. Sentence:- Charles Gildea, Derry, was fined £3 for defending himself against a detective who overpowered him and searched his pockets.
Proclamations:- At Loughinisland, Co. Down, the English Military authorities proclaimed a Republican meeting. A large body of English troops raided and suppressed a sports meeting at Thurles, Co. Tipperary, in which town the usual weekly market was also suppressed. At Dundrum, in the same county, a fete to procure funds for carrying on the local schools was suppressed by large forces of military and police fully armed. Armed Assaults:- Armed police suddenly attacked the local band at Newmarket, Co. Cork, which was parading the streets of the town. Many of the bandsmen were seriously injured. Police and military fully armed held up country folk bringing supplies to Thurles, Co. Tipperary and, having overpowered them, searched them. Wednesday, October 1st. 1919. Raids:- At Midleton, Co. Cork, armed police raided twelve houses. The houses of Mr. E. T. Keane and Alderman J. Nowlan, Kilkenny, were raided by military and police. Arrests:- Alderman James Nowlan, President of the Gaelic Athletic Association was arrested by military and police at Kilkenny City in the early morning. Mr. E. T. Keane, Editor of the “Kilkenny People” was similarly arrested. Sentences:- Christopher Quigley, Lower Gloucester Street, Dublin, was sentenced by Courtmartial to 12 months imprisonment for procuring arms. A hurling contest at Tulla, Co. Clare, was proclaimed and suppressed by military and police. A hurling contest at Toeni, Co. Tipperary, was also suppressed. At Newcestown, Co. Cork, an Irish Language festival was suppressed by English military and police who raided and occupied the ground. Armed Assault:- At Ballynahinch, Co. Down, Rev. Fr. Denis Cahill was surrounded by armed police and being overpowered had his pockets searched. Thursday, October 2nd. 1919. Arrests:- Five men whose names have not transpired were arrested at Bochel, Tannaghmore, Co. Down, for taking part in a proclaimed language festival. Sentences:- William Shaughnessy, Cathedral Street, Ennis, Co. Clare, was tried by courtmartial at Limerick and was sentenced to 17 days imprisonment with hard labour for endeavouring to procure arms. Courtmartial:- Mr. Richard A. Johnston, University Hall, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin was tried by courtmartial at Ship Street Barracks, Dublin, on a charge of possessing parts of a revolver and five cartridges. Suppressions:- Military and police raided the printing works of the “Sligo Nationalist” dismantled the machinery and suppressed the paper. Friday, October 3rd. 1919. Suppressions:- The weekly corn market in Cashel was prevented by the British Authorities last Wednesday. The marketers had sent in a request for a permit which was refused. In reply to a request for a permit to hold fairs and markets, Nenagh U.D.C. received notice from the Co. Inspector of the R.I.C. that none would be allowed. Persons bringing butter to the market in Carrick-on-Suir were held up by armed police. Armed Assault:- The market in Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipper
ary, was prevented by members of the army of occupation. Militarism:- British military have requisitioned the use of the Bantry Guardians Board-room, and have informed the Guardians that they should hold their meetings elsewhere. Hand-printed posters calling on the people to support the Dail Eireann Loan were torn down by the police. Raids:- W. O’Grady, Hairdresser, Wicklow, having failed to remove a full-page advertisement of the Dail Eireann Loan, which was adhered to the window, the Constabulary raided the premises and completely defaced it with their penknives.
They warned O’ Grady of the consequences of placing another in the window. British military raided and searched a drapery establishment in Rostrevor, Co. Down. Saturday, October 4th. 1919. Suppressions:- The Lord Justices refused a permit for the holding of a fair in Clonmel. British military and police were posted at the entrances to the town to prevent any attempt to hold the fair. British military and police also occupied the approaches to Thurles and turned back the people who were bringing pigs to the fortnightly market. Arrest:- Charles Bradley, Herbert Street, Belfast, was arrested on a charge of having in his possession of a canister of gunpowder and 59 pinfire revolver cartridges for which he had no licence. Sentence:- Tried on above charge, Charles Bradley was fined 40/- and costs.
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