The Forgotten Vice-Commandant

There is an Interesting new local book out associated with the Revolutionary period in Limerick called ‘The Forgotten Vice-Commandant’ – A Grandson’s Account of Johnny Mc Sweeney, Vice-Commandant of the 2nd Battalion Mid-Limerick Brigade, IRA. It is an excellent local history story which goes into great detail on all the events that occurred in the city during this revolutionary period and highlights Limerick’s understated role in the national struggle for independence. It also includes some great photographs some of which are colourised. In the recounting of Johnny’s activities, the whole story of the Irish struggle for independence is also told/ explained in parallel through events that occurred both locally and nationally. It is told in an easy to understand, condensed but descriptive manner which makes no assumptions about the reader’s knowledge of the period. Therefore, although primarily a biography, this book is also an easily understood reference guide for those wishing to gain a better understanding of this important period in Irish history. The book also includes an interesting chapter on the history of the city’s Republican Plot and those interred there.


The book is available in all city centre local bookshops in Limerick, and the bookshops in the Crescent and Castletroy or online at