Christy M ackey IRA
Pic of Christy Mackey,

Enclosed Pic of Christy Mackey, known in Rush Co Dublin as Kit. He was a member of old IRA North Dublin. His years 1899 to 1979. He remained single and lived with his brothers Paddy and Jim and sister Mary Jo who was Postmistress there for many years. They run a butchery in rush village but Kit or Christy had a greenhouse at the back of their house in the Mall. I did temporary relief at the post office in about 1971 and remained a visitor at Mackey’s for several years.
Mary Jo told me that Christy was on the run for a good while. I guess until things got resolved. During my time visiting Christy used have an outside concrete seat which he painted green, white and orange. i never thought to take a photo of it. This pic used hang over his bed. For a time one could get their portrait taken and later get a coloured one. before my last time, I asked Mary Jo if I could get a copy of it because I held a grea affection for him. John Buckley was reared at the Mall and got the dwelling house. I am telling you this in case this pic is not good enough. I found John Buckley to be very agreeable.
Yours sincerely, Ellen Hanna.




Hi I am doing my family tree and in our family history there is a story that my great uncle Michael Bradley rode a horse during the funeral of Michael Collins. (Four Michael’s from the north, east, south and west of Ireland) I was wondering if you could direct me in finding out about this. Was it only soldiers from the free state army who were guards of honour or did volunteers do it to…… I have a photo of him in his uniform but not sure what regiment he was in. Looking forward to hearing from you

roisin burns


I’m looking for information on John Clarke, born 1896 Dromard, Dromore West, Co. Sligo. Joined the IRB in Boston, returned home to fight in 1921. Allegedly was imprisoned in Mountjoy in 1922 or 23. Would love to know if he was arrested at the same time as Tommy Goff, also of Sligo, who was shot by IFS April 23 1923   ,Eileen Markey.


Trying to find out about medal awarded to my Father – Jeremiah O’Connell, Broadford, Co Limerick but living in Tarbert, Co Kerry when medal awarded. I think he was engineer in the West Limerick Brigade. My brother said that our Father told him that he was a judge of the court at time. Where can I find information about this,,,,

Jerry O’Connell



I am wondering if you have contact details for someone within the “Third Tipperary Brigade Old IRA Commemoration Committee”.

I am trying to research my great grandfather Patrick Cleary. We believe he was involved in the Independence movement but in what capacity we do not know.

From his obituary in 1974:
“led the volunteer branch in Clerihan and was responsible for the training of several hundred men. His residence in Ardgeeha was subjected to a number of raids by Black and Tan forces and his house had been the venue for sittings of the Republican courts”

We do not know anything about what he did and would love to get answers to our questions.

Thank you,

Martin Phelan


I was just wondering if you could possible help me in any way. My Great Grandfarther was a member of the Irish Volunteers and i was wondering how would i gop about finding out any more information about that and if their are any records or such. He was a member of North Kildare 2nd, his name Thomas Mullally, from Athgarvan, Kildare.

Many Thanks   Finn